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Meeting the demands of manufacturing

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Many segments of manufacturing, including aerospace, medical device, automotive, rapid prototyping, and precision manufacturing are all experiencing growth. AGAIN. Pair this up with various issues throughout supply chains, and it can be difficult for manufacturers to meet production schedules. MITGI understands that in order for you to meet the demands of your customers and achieve your own growth goals, the cutting tools you need must arrive on time and perform as expected.

Over the past year, we’ve been working to prepare our teams, facility, equipment, and company structure to handle growth and be ready for more. Here’s how:

Lights out manufacturing.

“One of the most effective ways for us to maximize production is through the addition of lights out manufacturing. Jobs that fit our criteria for unattended production are added to the weekend schedule. On-call operators can monitor progress and come on-site as needed to ensure tools meet quality requirements throughout production. This means more jobs we can get out the door each week.”


Chad Nordmann,
Manufacturing Manager

Increased capacity with short lead times.

“In the center shop we see a lot of small-sized orders and complex form tools, and they always come with short lead times. We’ve more than doubled the amount of equipment in this shop so that we can continue to make the tools you need when you need them.” 

Scalable, strategic planning.

“During periods of growth, it can be difficult for companies to address big picture goals. While your teams are making sure that production has what they need for tomorrow, let us help to prepare for the long run. We’re adept at developing plans to achieve goals such as continuous improvement, vendor consolidation, and tool development for new production lines and facilities. Our business, technical, and production teams are ready to help turn ideas into action.” 


Jennie Gordienko,
Chief Business
Development Officer

Investment in people, places, and things.

“Our teams are skilled at developing plans to scale up our growth. It’s my job to make sure they have everything they need to do so. We’ve dedicated ourselves to workforce development for more than a decade, we continue to invest in new technology and equipment, and we’re preparing to expand our manufacturing operations. MITGI is ready to help yours meet and exceed your business goals.”


Ready to get started? Our teams are ready to help.  Contact us to start a conversation, schedule a call, or submit a quote for review.

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