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Custom Tools in 3 Days or Less

We strive to provide fast service on every order we manufacture.  Most custom tools can be manufactured in two weeks or less (three for coated).  Some custom tools can be made even faster, often within a THREE DAY TURNAROUND.

In general, tools that are similar to our standard tool lines are more likely to qualify for a condensed timeline.  Common modifications and tool features include:

  • Reach
  • Length of cut
  • Cutter diameter
  • Overall length
  • Shank diameter
  • Number of flutes
  • Number of teeth
  • End finish
  • Draft or taper angle
  • Shoulder angle
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Quick Turn Tool Categories

Tool categories that may qualify for QUICK TURN timelines are marked throughout the print edition of the catalog with the QUICK TURN icon.  Depending on the tool design, others may qualify as well.

Common tool categories that qualify for QUICK TURN timelines:

  • Micro tools (tools on 1/8″ shank)
  • Micro end mills
  • Micro drills
  • Micro reamers
  • Mold tools
  • Step drills

Getting Started

  1.  Send us specs for your custom tool.  Options that provide useful tool information include: existing tool print, a completed Quote Form, sketch, or photo.
  2. Ask for a QUICK TURN REVIEW.  We will review the tool info, the current schedule, and determine how quickly the tool can be made.
  3. If the tool qualifies, your tool will be marked for QUICK TURN.  Within a few hours, you will receive a tool print for review and the order acknowledgement.  Return the tool print quickly to keep your spot on the fast track and maintain estimated ship date.

QUICK TURN schedule availability may vary and capacity is limited.


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Request a Quick Turn Review

Many custom tool types may qualify for a condensed production timeline. When submitting your quote request ask for a QUICK TURN REVIEW. We will review the tool info, the current schedule, and determine how quickly the tool can be made.

request a quick turn review►

“As always, your tools, delivery, service, and tool performance were absolutely wonderful. I can’t tell you enough what a pleasure it is to do business with MITGI. We currently utilize a number of different suppliers, but your service is unparalleled.I love your tools; they blow the doors off of everyone else.”