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Cutting tools manufactured by MITGI are made of carbide or high speed steel. Although MITGI takes all available steps to ensure that its products are manufactured to the highest applicable quality standards, MITGI products may chip or break during use and cause injury. Users should always wear gloves and other protective clothing and eyewear to prevent cuts, burns, and injury from fragmented product.

Routine handling of carbide or high speed steel does not present inhalation, ingestion, skin contact or other chemical hazards. However, grinding, cutting, or drilling with carbide or high speed steel may release dust, mist, or fumes, which may present health hazards. This dust, mist, and fumes can be harmful when coming in contact with the eyes or skin, or if substantial quantities are inhaled. Cobalt, nickel, and tungsten contained in carbide or other cutting tool materials are reported as possibly carcinogenic to humans. It is also reported that cobalt and nickel dust and mist can affect the skin, respiratory organs and heart through repeated or prolonged contact. When grinding and machining, use local exhaust ventilation, safety equipment, and keep machine guards in place. Wear protective clothing, such as safety glasses with side shields or goggles, respiratory equipment, and gloves. If dust makes contact with the hands, thoroughly wash the affected area with soap and water. Don’t eat in the exposed area, and wash hands thoroughly before eating, drinking, or smoking. Please see the Safety Data Sheet before use or handling.

DO NOT use or operate damaged tools or products. Return tools to appropriate location for repair, replacement or recycling.