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MANUFACTURED BY MITGI: Material-based design that delivers

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Every material provides its own set of machining challenges. With non-ferrous materials such as aluminum, brass, or plastic, the soft and gummy nature of the material can cause issues with chip packing, short tool life, inconsistence performance, and variations in surface finish. To achieve optimum performance, MITGI recommends considering custom tools that are designed for the material and application. We work with customers every day who look for ways to improve tool performance, extend tool life, and improve product outcomes.

How does this play out?

MITGI ball end mill with polished flute and NACRO coating

MITGI ball end mill with polished flute and NACRO coating


Application: COMPANY A is an aerospace manufacturer. As the company prepares to scale up for full production on a new line, the team is challenged by edge build-up they are currently experiencing when profiling. MITGI developed a custom tool to help the team achieve their goals in time to meet the production schedule.

Material: Aluminum

Tool type: Ball end mill

Coating: NACRO

MITGI mix:

  • Tip of the tool designed with zero web, helping to alleviate heat and reduce likelihood of built-up edge
  • Helix angle designed to provide a shearing action, reducing the cutting pressure and improving the edge
  • NACRO coating added to increase and maintain cutting edge integrity for an extended period of time

Add-on request: While COMPANY A does see some improvement in the built-up edge, they would like to improve it further. With long cycle times, even a small improvement can provide significant cost improvements over the life of the product.

MITGI recommendation: Pre- and Post-coating flute polishing to help reduce heat and maintain cutting edge for longer periods of time. Flute polishing reduces friction, and in this application, allows the chip to form, making evacuation easier with less resistance.

MITGI ball end mill with flute polish

MITGI ball end mill with flute polish


Application: COMPANY B is running a contouring op where a radius is needed at the bottom of a wall. COMPANY B is tasked with reducing cycle times whenever possible; they want to remove chips quickly and efficiently to achieve a smooth finish and extend tool life. MITGI designed a ball end mill with a long length of cut to accomplish the task.

Material: Aluminum

Tool type: Ball end mill

Coating: Uncoated

MITGI mix:

  • Long length of cut allows the end mill to reach to the full depth of the feature to add the radius
  • Relief added to alleviate rubbing on side wall as it creates the feature on the bottom
  • Polished surfaces and optimized flute shape for high MRR and smooth finish

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