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Every machinist knows the importance of chip control and just how easy it is to take for granted when it’s working well. When it isn’t, it can be a real headache until a solution is found. Luckily, there are many options to consider that could help alleviate chip-related issues: helix modifications, chip breakers, using coolant to remove chips, optimizing the geometry for chip load, and many more. Working with a cutting tool manufacturer allows customers to choose the option that works best for the job and materials at hand.

How does this play out?


Application: COMPANY A is a firearms manufacturer and needs a tool to create a thin-walled slot
Material: Steel
Tool type: Custom form keyseat cutter

Coating: None
MITGI mix:


  • Forms on alternating teeth designed to optimize chip load and increase tool life
  • Staggered geometry helps to reduce vibration, improve finish, and minimize production inconsistencies
  • Dished on both sides to produce clearance and alleviate rubbing or binding

Add-on Request: COMPANY A would like to increase tool life thereby reducing overall project costs

MITGI recommendation: Add more teeth to the form. With more teeth to engage, the tool life will increase resulting in reduced tool quantities over the life of the job.



Application: COMPANY B specializes in hydraulic components; facing tight time constraints, COMPANY B is creating a tapered form and places high priority on part finish
Material: Aluminum
Tool type: Custom tapered reamer

Coating: None
MITGI mix: 

  • Ample core to optimize tool strength and rigidity
  • Spiral flute with material specific helix to provide efficient chip removal
  • Flute geometry and strong cutting edges designed to reduce chatter and improve finish
  • Custom rake applied to help avoid the tool grabbing the part
  • Geometry designed to alleviate tool pullout from holder


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