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CUTTING TOOLS: Scale Up and Streamline

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Whether part of a multi-division global corporation, a small-sized business, or somewhere in-between, supply chain teams are tasked with saving costs, balancing usage/forecast, and ensuring that products arrive as expected.

MITGI is ready to work with your supply chain team to:

  • Review buying patterns to recommend right-sized buys with pricing that is optimized for forecast
  • Provide competitive quotes on high running tools currently purchased via other suppliers
  • Establish blanket orders to minimize inventory, invoicing only for tools shipped
  • Scale up and down through product life cycle to ensure no disruption of service while maintaining adequate inventory levels
  • Support continuous improvement initiatives through designs optimized to increase tool life and performance
  • Bridge initiatives between supply chain and R&D teams to incorporate goals of both into new tool designs
  • Consolidate and simplify global or regional purchasing

Ready to discuss how we can work together to achieve supply chain goals? Contact us today.

At MITGI, it’s not business as usual, but business as exceptional.

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